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CurQD® is effective for:

  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Crohn’s Colitis
  • Proctitis

What is CurQD®?

CurQD® is a naturally-sourced formula combining two herbal compounds found safe and effective in inducing and maintaining remission in clinical trials: 

Cura: A gut-directed form of curcumin shown in placebo-controlled trials to have a positive impact on clinical and endoscopic remission (Lang et al, CGH 2015).

QD1: A extract of Indigo Isatis plants found in clinical trials to relieve bleeding, inhibit inflammation and promote mucosal regeneration (Naganuma et al, Gastroenterology 2018, Ben-Horin et al, CCFA 2023).

After a decade of research, we developed this combined formulation that can be tailored to each individual patient depending on the severity of their disease.

In our 2022 Retrospective Trial, we adjusted and tapered the dose of each compound in response to our patient’s progress and found this highly personalized approach vastly improved response and remission rates — even in difficult-to-treat cases.

  • Natural products
  • Highly personalized
  • Adjusts to you and your changing needs.

Whether you’re suffering severe symptoms or seeking a safe, natural therapy to prevent relapse, we have a protocol for you.


Precise. Personalized. Adjusts to your condition and progress.

IBD is an ever-changing disease, so we developed unique, natural formulas and evidence-based protocols that adjust to your altering needs.

Each 6-week protocol includes natural compounds at specific ratios found to improve safety and efficacy for varying disease states.

These protocols have been refined throughout 10 years of research and development in our clinics and international clinical trials to ensure each patient receives the most precise therapy for their specific disease state, with careful tapering and adjustments for a smooth transition from induction to remission.

For instance, if you’re managing a severe condition you will require a protocol with a higher ratio of a fast-acting, potent compound (QD1) found to quickly relieve symptoms and induce remission. As your condition becomes less severe, we taper down the dose while increasing a more restorative and protective compound (Cura) found to prevent future flare-ups and ensure long-term remission.


The Evidence

In a retrospective study on CurQD® accepted and presented at the United European Gastroenterology conference in Vienna, researchers analyzed the data of difficult-to-treat patients referred from 5 top medical centers in Israel.

All patients had severe disease activity and were not responding to biologics (46%), corticosteroids (41.5%), or biologics/small molecule therapy (31.1%). 

After 8-12 weeks on CurQD®,  78% of patients achieved clinical response & remission. 

From Retrospective Study 22

Learn more about the science behind CurQD® on our Science Page, where we break down the latest trials on our formulations and herbal compounds.

Approved by Leading Gastroenterologists


Dror Shoval MD

“My experience with this combination is very good. We’ve had some patients who were able to avoid advancing them to biologics, and others we could give this combination to instead of steroids. ” 

~ Dr. Dror Shoval MD, Senior Pediatric Gastroenterologist



“I admit I was skeptical about these treatments. But with time I realized patients were reporting a significant benefit and I was surprised to see that they were improving – not just subjectively but objectively.” 

~ Henit Yanai MD, Senior Gastroenterologist


The CurQD® Protocol: Information for Your Doctor or Healthcare Professional

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CurQD® is a naturally-sourced formulation of compounds found to directly target and soothe inflammation in the intestinal mucosa, where IBD inflammation occurs. We developed 5 distinct protocols of CurQD® to directly target each stage of severity for a more personalized and effective regimen.

Can I take CurQD® with my current medication?

CurQD® can be taken with mesalamine/mesalazine, steroids, purine drugs (azathioprine/mercaptopurine), and with all biologic drugs.

For questions about add-on CurQD® with Zeposia™, Xeljanz™ or Rinvoq™, please consult your physician.

How long will it take for me to reach remission?

Within the first 6-week protocol, you should see symptom relief or clinical improvement. It can take roughly 6 weeks for most symptoms to clear, so don’t worry if there hasn’t been an immediate improvement. If you haven’t, please let us know at and one of our clinic experts will check in and see if we can find a more effective solution for you.

What protocol should I take?

You should only take the protocol recommended to you after your assessment or follow-up.

How does it relieve inflammation?

We use a combination of gut-directed curcumin and qing dai (QD), two herbal compounds with a broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects.

Why 6 weeks?

Each protocol is 6 weeks long as this is the time frame in which you are likely to see improvements according to our clinical trials. At 6 weeks, it’s time to check in, see how you are responding, make any required adjustments, and advise on the next best step for your condition.

What are the daily doses?

The daily dose of each protocol is always 4 capsules a day, 2 in the morning with food and 2 in the evening with food.

Can I take CurQD® long-term?

CurQD® can be taken long-term, but we do advise regular check-ups if you are using these products for over 6 weeks.

The CurQD® Blue can be taken long-term without adverse effects. Think of it like taking your daily supplements.

The CurQD® Red is a short-term solution for flare-ups and active disease only. If you start to flare up at any time, you can always restart this protocol.

Is CurQD® safe for children?

CurQD™ works wonderfully for children and is absolutely safe for those 8+.

Will CurQD® help stop the bleeding?

Bleeding is usually one of the first symptoms to clear up. This varies for each individual, but results are usually seen within the first 2-6 weeks.

What are the potential side effects of CurQD®?

In our clinical trials, no serious adverse effects were reported and the safety profile was comparable between the CurQD® and placebo groups. Still, from our experience, up to 5% of patients may experience mild headaches or abdominal pain during the first days of treatment. If you experience any of these we advise you to contact our clinical support team. We’re here to help.

Mild elevation in liver enzymes has also been reported and these usually normalize by themselves. In very rare cases, a late allergic reaction may occur 2-6 weeks after starting, which may manifest as unfamiliar belly cramping or abdominal pain. This resolves by stopping CurQD®. As always, we advise you to continue regular follow-up with your physician.

What if I’m already in remission?

We have a protocol just for you! Protocol Blue is a preventive measure against future inflammation and was developed as a safe maintenance protocol to help sustain long-lasting remission.

Does it help with Microscopic colitis?

While there have not been any clinical trials on microscopic colitis specifically, we have had wonderful success with our MC customers.

Why can’t I just use normal curcumin?

Regular Curcumin can help with arthritis and general low-grade inflammation. But when it comes to treating chronic intestinal inflammation from IBD, the active compound needs to be released directly into the intestine for it to work.

We use a formulation of gut-directed Curcumin in our studies, clinics, and hospitals, as this is the most effective form of Curcumin for IBD to this date for symptom relief and long-term remission maintenance. Cura was designed to specifically target and make contact with the inner lining of the intestinal tract, ensuring strong results.

Is curcumin the same as turmeric?

This is a common misconception, but curcumin is not turmeric. Curcumin is the active compound within the turmeric root, but turmeric only contains 2% curcumin, meaning taking 1 gram of curcumin is equivalent to ingesting 20-50 grams of turmeric.

We boost the concentration of the extract to 95%, so you get the strongest combination directly to the intestinal tract in just a few capsules.

Will any Qing Dai formula work?

There are many different combinations of the Indigo plant family available online, but QD is the formula we’ve had the most success with in our trials, hospitals, and clinics. This specific formulation has helped many patients relieve the more severe symptoms of IBD in a matter of days.