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CurQD® is safe to take with conventional medication and has tested well as add-on therapy

How long does CurQD® take to work?

Everyone responds a little differently to CurQD®, but many feel a change from the first few days. It can takeroughly 6 weeks for most symptoms to clear, so don’t worry if there hasn’t been an immediate improvement.

Can I take CurQD® long-term?

The CurQD® Maintenance formula can be taken long-term without adverse effects. Think of it like taking your daily supplements.

The CurQD® Induction formula is a short-term solution for flare-ups and active disease only. If you start to flare up at any time, you can always start over with the Induction phase.

Will CurQD® help stop the bleeding?

Bleeding is usually one of the first symptoms to clear up. This varies for each individual, but results are usually seen within the first 2-6 weeks.

Why can’t I just use normal curcumin?

Regular Curcumin can help with arthritis and general low-grade inflammation. But when it comes to treating chronic intestinal inflammation from IBD, the active compound needs to be released directly into the intestine for it to work.

We use a formulation of gut-directed Curcumin called Cura in our studies, clinics, and hospitals, as this is the most effective form of Curcumin for IBD to this date for symptom relief and long-term remission maintenance. Cura was designed to specifically target and make contact with the inner lining of the intestinal tract, ensuring strong results.

Is curcumin the same as turmeric?

This is a common misconception, but curcumin is not turmeric. Curcumin is the active compound within the turmeric root, but turmeric only contains 2% curcumin, meaning 1 gram of curcumin is equivalent to 30 grams of turmeric.

We boost the concentration of the extract to 95%, so you get the strongest combination directly to the intestinal tract in just a few capsules.

Will any Qing Dai formula work?

There are many different combinations of the Indigo plant family available online, but QD is the formula we’ve had the most success with in our trials, hospitals, and clinics. This specific formulation has helped many patients relieve the more severe symptoms of IBD in a matter of days.

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